Prices 2022
Prices for Martial Arts Classes

Your first two sessions are free of charge - simply to give you the opportunity to experience the Training, to explore our Facilities as well as to meet some of your fellow students. When you are satisfied and wish to join, we will provide you with an application form, which you'll need to fill in, sign and return together with a passport photo.

The Joining fee is £65 and includes the payment for your first month of training, your insurance and registration costs as well as your annual membership for the related organisations i.e. the Bujinkan for Ninjutsu and the IAWO for Ju-Jutsu. Please note, the annual membership will be renewed at the beginning of each year.

From the 2nd month forward all payments must be done by standing order - the necessary details are provided within your application form. The fees for our classes: are currently £25 per month.

Student Prices: The Joining Fee is £50 - The Monthly Fee is £20

Please Note: Fees for Gradings & Seminars are charged separately !!!

For more information regarding Personal Training, please click here: Self-Defence4u

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